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    My favorite holiday is New Year. It is a very important festival in Chinese culture. In fact, it's thehighlight of the year. Everyone returns home for a family reunion.We have a big feast and chat about all the things that have happened in our lives. People also visit each other. We exchangegifts and good wishes for the next year.

    New Year is especially fun for kids. That's because we get presents and treats, including red envelopes filled with money. We also get to set off fireworks. But we never forget that this holiday is a time to give thanks. We feel grateful for our family and the things that we have. Finally, we think about the future and the great year ahead.


    Days and days past, I’m not a child any longer. But I still remember that Halloween, 31st October 2001. That was Saturday. I went to study English with an American girl named Debby as usual.

    We had 5 students altogether. Before that week, Debby had already told us to learn something about Halloween ourselves. On that day, Debby spent an hour describing this American festival for us, such as “trick or cheat”, pumpkin and even, she took a pumpkin with her. First she took out a finished pumpkin lantern.

    That was really beautiful and ugly, we liked it so much. Then she taught us how to make a pumpkin lantern by ourselves. We each held a small knife, learnt to cut and draw something on that pumpkin. Finally, we made it and put a short candle into it. That was truly happy. And the most surprising thing was that the lantern was a present for that day’s super student. Who will that be? My god! That was me!

    Do you know how excited I was then? I held it, jumping and shouting. That was the most unforgettable day to me. And I will not forget it, never!


    every year in sept-ember or october .the mid-autumn festival is celebra-te by Chinese peo-ple all over the w-orld.on this day .the moon is said to be its biggest and brightest

    the mid-autumn festival is important because it is a special occasion for family. it is also a day for special foods like mood cakes.there are all kinds of moon cakes. traditional mood cakes are usually made with bean paste .but nowadays .there are many different kinds of moon cakes including fruit ,coffee,chocolate and even ice-cream moon cakes .

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